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Let’s Revolutionize Transportation

TGT Automotive Solution works to provide tech solution to automotive related business. We provide a range of answers to today's automotive problems from platform services to smart in-vehicle systems.

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Our Solutions

Our technology packaged together to meet the public needs.

App Platform Solution

Vehicular solutions packaged in the form of applications.

Smart In-Vehicle System

Smart system integrated with IoT and AI for improved driving experience.

Electronic Automotive Solution

Solutions to your vehicle in electronic packages.

Smart Fleet Management

A system to monitor and track your fleet.

Asset Protection

Electronic security for your vehicles.

AI and Big Data

What set us apart in vehicular technology.

Our Technology

What we produce in our own lab.

Battery Tech

Used in electric vehicles

Vehicular Ecosystem

Creating an ecosystem that manages vehicular resources

Automotive Communication

Allow connections between components within vehicles

Asset Protection

Keep track of mobile assets

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