Smart In-Vehicle Solution

- AI Technology implemented
- Advanced IoT features to increase driving pleasure & safety


10” Touch screen with WiFi 4G GPS connectivity

  • Music playback – MP3/FLAC/WAV/Internet/AppMusic
  • Navigation – GoogleMap/ BaiduMap/ OpenStreetMap
  • AC Control – Temperature Control / Fan Speed
  • Dash Cam – Reverse & Front Camera View/Record/Playback
  • Voice Command – To support and actuate functions above
AI Module
  • Voice Recognition Engine
  • Accent recognition, Intonation classification, Contextual Suggests, Selected Keywords for Function call
  • Image recognition with on-board camera module
Optional Hardware
  • Radar for Front Obstacle Sensing or Distance Measurement for AssistedCruise Control / Collision Avoidance System
  • Side Camera paired with surrounding proximity sensors for parking assistance
  • Side Camera with GPU computing to perform lane-keeping on the road

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